Bless Studio in 2015


It has been a great 8 years. Bless Studio business focus switch from one media to another as the technology evolve and market user need changed. We stay above the cloud and always keeps our head up and do our work with integrity. We stay true to ourself and aim to be a blessing in everything we do.

Year of 2015 is a year of mobile. We are going full speed with the mobile content and application development. We believe mobile is the MUST. Our shelves is too full and tired. So, we need the content to be in the mobile and we want to have it all within finger distance. We want the latest content and to be offered the best deal at the right time. We want to carry lite to every place we go. And, we advise the same to our client.

So, let’s go mobile this year. We can help you to achieve what you want according to your budget. Fly off with us today!

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